The company possesses fully equipped laboratories at the fields of toxic gas sorption, particle retention and rubber technology, so for the quality control of the production, as for research intentions (measurements with mixtures of Chemical Warfare Agents):

Test rig for the measurement of the breakthrough
time of a filter in mixtures of Chemical
Warfare Agents.
Measuring equipment of the rubber properties,
vulcanization time etc.

Especially in the field of toxic gases sorption our company the last 10 years has developed its own know how on the evaluation of the separating properties of the filters with activated carbon or with micro porous polymeric materials, in connection with the microporous structure and the processing of their inner surface. Continuous visits at laboratories and seminars abroad help us improve the layout of our laboratory test rigs and our operational devices. In this way we are one of the few companies in our field of applications with the ability of tests with real Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and not with their simulators!