Air tightness testing of the COBRA mask, according to the specifications of the Army General Staff (measurement in a certified
device, on a standardized head, and on defined overpressure and underpressure).
With this potentiality, and with our own Know-How in the manufacturing of masks and filters, our company developed in 1960 a Chemical War mask for the Greek Army (mask type «Β-3»).

Special technological development on these items has been ensured after 1975, when Mr. Agis Anargyrou, the son of the founder Mr. Antonios Anargyrou, took charge of the company’s management, a Chemist graduate of the Zurich Technical University (ΕΤΗ). This way, and by continuing the manufacturing production, the company presented in 1988 at the international exhibition

• the model of its new Chemical War Mask “COBRA” and
• its new Chemical War Filter “SUPERCOMBI NBC”.
The prototypes of these two products have been designed
and manufactured:
• according to the official specifications of the Hellenic Army
General Staff,
• with a corresponding design to other internationally recognized
items (German, Israeli, Swiss etc.) and
• with a self-investment that exceeded 350.000 €.

Afterwards, these products were certified in 1991 by the War
Industry Department, after analytical tests in Greece and
abroad. These products have been presented in all the international
defense magazines and at JANE’S guide, and are regarded among the best of their kind!

Company ΒΙΑΝΑ participated with the COBRA mask in an international tender of the Army’s General Staff for the supply of NBC War masks of Hellenic manufacture, and won the tender. Thus, a 5-year contract was signed, which was carried out with total success! Therefore, at this moment the Hellenic Armed Forces are equipped with over 120.000 masks and 240.000 filters of Hellenic manufacture and the above contract continues. Also, we have developed a series of very useful accessories for the COBRA mask, following the corresponding requirements of the General Army Staff, which are presented below:

The drinking device is comprised of
a mouthpiece, a water valve,
external connection tube and a special cap.
The mask can be equipped with correction
glasses (COBRAGLASS).
To communicate in the
battlefield there is a special
headset of microphonesearphones
A special voice amplifier
(COBRA-VOX) can be adjusted to the voice transmission
B.1.a. The fitting point of the filter

A lot of ink has been consumed regarding the ideal fitting point of the filter on the mask: At one side of the mask, or on both sides (double filter), or in the front, or at the back of the soldier and connection to the mask with a spiral tube on top of the shoulder, or inside the bag and connection to the mask with a tube on the chest (ref. British masks of the B’ World War) etc. Therefore, we have followed the design of the German and Israeli mask, i.e. of countries with big experience in this field, and placed the filter in front. The reason for this, as well as the disadvantages of the other basic designs, are presented below:

Having the filter on one
side does not ensure
weight symmetry and the
mask will bend on the
side during training (photograph
from actual training!!!).
Also the placement of the
filter on the side is fixed
and cannot be adjusted.
Having a double filter,
results in twice the logistic
capability, is not conforming
to the thread according
to ΝΑΤΟ (it is “buttoning
up”) and disturbs aiming by
the bigger ITOX-CBW
Also neither the NLSE
(NATO Logistics Stock
Exchange) nor the MES
(Mutual Emergency Support)
are provided.
In parallel, it is observed
that some new requirements
demand protection also
from Industrial Toxic
Agents, Carbon Monoxide
Therefore, even bigger
filters are constantly required,
that due to their size
and weight can only be
placed in front of the
For these reasons at the
COBRA mask the filter
has been placed symmetrically
in front.
In this front position the
filter is placed also in the
masks of the armies of
Germany, Austria, Belgium,
France, Spain, Italy,
Switzerland, Israel, Iran,
Iraq, Japan, etc.

For the above reasons, and for a better comprehension of masks with a filter arrangement like ours, we
present some of these designs:

The new Iranian mask,
showed by different exhibitions,
is based on the same
design like the COBRA
The in use mask of the
German army M-65 (is also
of the same design with
COBRA and is being used
also in Austria, Iraq etc.).
The new Swiss mask. The new mask of the
Italian army (for its
design the Italian Ministry
of Defense
showed interest for
COBRA’s designs).

Although the standard design of the mask is the one with the filter symmetrically in front, our company is in the position to develop masks with the filter placed in any position, for special
applications of the customer.

For these reason all our moulds are digitally designed, and any change on their design does not present any manufacturing problem!




B.1.b. Aiming with the COBRA mask

Putting the filter in the front and bottom part of the mask, the supply capability is ensured with any type of filter having a thread according to ΝΑΤΟ (regardless of weight and size), and also the appropriate position of the mask during training. Further, aiming with the COBRA mask is easy, leaning slightly the face on the shooting line, as it is shown in the photograph.

In this position the cheek of the soldier touches the gun, without being obstructed by the filter, which is on the bottom part of the mask.

This aiming position has been tested and with real shots, since the Managing Director of our company Mr. Anargyrou, who has evolved this mask, has a gold metal in infantry shooting firearms and thus the shooting issue with the mask has been examined closely.

To encounter though and a special case that requires the turn of the filter on the side for easier aiming, we have developed a special swivel
connector (COBRA- CORNER).

It screws at the inhalation valve of the mask and allows for the filter to turn in any position and in either side (left – right), without the shooter
needing to untighten the nut that secures the swivel connector to the mask.

Thus the shooter can place the filter at the most appropriate position for the aiming position he chooses.



On the contrary, aiming with the double filter mask
requires bigger head incline, so that the filter that is on
the cheek aiming point to go below the shooting line.
This problem is shown more obviously if someone observes
how much the filters of such a mask stick out
from both cheeks.


B.1.c. End of Service Life Indicators (“ESLI”)

“ESLI” = End of Service Life Indicator means an assembly that changes color when it comes in contact with the toxic agent from which the filter is destined to protect us. Because when the indicator changes color, this means that the toxic agent is no longer retained from the filter and so the indicator detects it. For this reason we must know this toxic agent or its chemical behavior (e.g. if it is acidicor basic, but NOT a mixture of agents that have both properties) and have in the working area only this agent!

In some special industrial applications there is the possibility of existence of only one specific gas. In the case that there is an indicator for this gas, then we can use a filter with an indicator. From the 12.000 gases that are found in the chemical industry there are at this moment indicators for only five (5) of them (for ammonia, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen fluoride). So, the use of filters with indicators is not generalised in the industry. Given the fact that in case of a chemical war it is unknown which of even the existing CWA will be used, it is not technically possible at this time to use such an indicator from ANY ARMY!

B.1.d. Continuous connection of the COBRA mask with a water reservoir

The continuous and totally safe capability of water drinking for a long time is achieved normally by the use of
water reservoirs and their permanent connection with the water-drinking valve of the mask. For this reason,
the COBRA mask can be offered with the CAMELBAK® CBR Reservoir, with a water container certified for
use in NBC threat:

The CAMELBAK® CBR Reservoir,
with a container resistant to
NBC agents and the connection for
the COBRA mask.
The water container is put on the
back like a bag, the drinking pipe is
connected with the mask and it
remains in this position for the
whole operation!
Way of suspension and carrying of
the CAMELBAK® reservoir.
In case of use of an outer bag, we
can offer a special CAMELBAK®
that is suspended on it.



We have also moved in the manufacturing of NBC war suits, using the technology of the well-known chemical war suit SARATOGA of the German firm BLÜCHER. This suit has been sold in quantities of over 3.000.000 pieces in over 25 countries all over the world and is the suit of all American Armed Forces. Also with this suit, the forces of the Security Management of the Olympic Games at the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens were protected!

The big advantage of this suit is that it can be worn for 45 days and can be washed 6 times («multiwear suit») without losing the
estimated 24hour protection. This is very important for the supply, because the NBC protection suit is worn with the threat of NBC weapons and not with their use, like the mask.

Thus the army remains for several days wearing constantly the NBC suit (this suit is worn instead of the battle suit), so with the SARATOGA suit two pairs of suits per soldier are enough to deal with any kind of NBC threat for 45 days. On the contrary, suits of old technology self-destruct from the soldier’s sweat in 6 hours of wearing, without coming in contact with chemicals (the meaning of «wearing» and«using» should not be confused). Thus with such suits («single wear») it is required to be worn a new suit every day, regardless of if it has been used in chemicals or not!!! Furthermore, the enemy who knows the disadvantage of the «single wear» suit and who himself uses the «multiwear» suits, has only to stand against you at conditions of NBC threat for 3-4 days, to destroy all the «single wear» protection suits of each of your soldiers (3 suits per soldier are provided)!

All the materials of the Hellenic suit SARATOGA (inner and outer fabric, gloves and over boots) and the
stitching are of Hellenic manufacturing. Also the quality control (with use of chemical warfare agents in a fully equipped laboratory of the manufacturer, as it is anticipated as an inviolable term in the equivalent requirement of the Army’s General Staff) will take place in our factory. Thus, the only production stage that will take place abroad will be the sticking of the carbon spheres on the
(Hellenic) fabric-carrier (and with the equivalent obligation of the foreign firm for the purchase of Hellenic fabric, gloves and over boots for its orders). In more detail the combination of the manufacturing materials of the suit is comprised of:

1. A shell-fabric (the one that comes in contact with the body, usually cotton),

2. The activated carbon layer, which in the SARATOGA suit, based on a world patent, is in the form of micro spheres that have been glued with a special way on this fabric,

3. The cover of the spheres’ layer with a delicate non woven fabric (vlies) for their best protection and

4. Τhe outer camouflage fabric, which is also of specific standards concerning the air permeability, the flame retardance, hydrophobia, oil resistance, way of waving, durability etc. The purpose of the existence of micro spheres is:

To assure the ventilation of the suit the glue (that sticks the spheres in the shell - fabric) is placed only in
between of the contact point of every micro sphere with the fabric.

Thus the micro spheres’ bed absorbs the toxic gases, while the remaining surface of the fabric, which due to the way of the «spherical dense contact» amongst the micro spheres remains intact, allows for the clean air to enter and for the water vapor of the soldier’s body to exit, protecting him from thermal exhaustion that such a suit causes:

Design with the combination of:
shell-fabric / glue (the raster) /
spheres / camouflage fabric.
Photograph with electron microscope,
which shows the dense contact
of the spheres amongst them,
on the shell-fabric.
Detail from the sticking of the
spheres, which shows the «adhesion
pillar » of the spheres on the
shell – fabric.

At this point we emphasize the special attention, which has to be drawn at the conduction of the final penetration tests of a complete suit during delivery (as it is required and from the Army’s General Staff). These tests aim to the detection by any chance of local failure of the suit’s fabric, and independent of whether the suit’s material has been already checked as a raw material from the manufacturer. (The fact that we check the gun powder does not mean that we will not check and the ammunition that was made with it! And on these grounds severe tests are performed and on the delivery of the filters for the NBC masks, even though the activated carbon that is used for them has been checked during its production). Such reasons for failure of a complete NBC suit whilst on stitching are:

A case like this is proved and from the photographs below of testing a foreign NBC suit, performed in a gas chamber. For this reason, inside the suit special body undergarments have been worn, impregnated in a reactant, which gives a color indication when in contact with hyperite. So, areas of penetration of the suit by the hyperite have been discovered, which are presented below in red color:

The special undergarment,
impregnated in
the reactant for the
color indication.
Air tightness test of the
complete suit with motion
Air tightness test of a full suit with simulation
of head-on wind!
Areas of the suit, where
penetration in gases has
been observed, and in a big

In cooperation with the Medical School of the Athens University we have developed the ANTIGAS cream against the chemical agents that react also through the skin (as a successor of the English cream BAL of the Β’ World War), and especially against blister (hyperite) and nerve gases (sarin). This cream acts also precautionally and has been developed also as ophthalmic. Thus, it has assured world technological patent.

The ANTIGAS cream acts as a barrier that withholds and eliminates on the skin the blister gases and the nerve gases. Also it acts therapeutically on the infected skin because it contains components for the therapy of the burn and the restructure of the skin. With these creams the Security Forces and the Armed Forces of our country where supplied for their protection during the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens. The effectiveness of this cream against skin gases («mustard gases», hyperite) is proved and by the experiment below:

In this experiment two pig’s ears
have been used (they have similar
properties with the human skin).
The left ear has been treated with
ANTIGAS and next both ears have
been contaminated with hyperite.
6 hours later, the non-treated ear
starts to shrink, while the treated
ear remains intact, even though the
quantity of the sulphur hyperite
applied to it was 20 times bigger!
24 hours later, the not treated ear
developed wound on the layers,
complete stability loss and size
reduction, while the treated ear
remains intact!

We have also developed the decontamination solution ANTITOXIN, which can decontaminate the soldier within two minutes from the CWA as well as the BWA. Concerning the BWA, the solution ANTITOXIN is in the position to neutralize within two minutes the spores of the microbes and to eliminate also their toxins, something that cannot be achieved from any other decontamination mean in such a short

The reliability of ANTITOXIN solution is proved easily and with the following laboratory experiment, where microbe’s spores have been used (Bacillus Subtilis) and which shows very representatively the break through of the spores’ shell of the solution:


Suspension of Bacillus Subtilis in two samples
(the chemical behavior of the membranes of
the spores is the same in all spores).
Addition of ANTITOXIN in the left sample for the
inactivation of spores:
ANTITOXIN disintegrates their membranes!


For proving the result, we add selenium dioxide
(SeO2) after 1 min in both samples to
show the development of red color (formed by
the membrane lipids with the selenium) only in
the left sample where the disintegration of
membrane spores was initiated by ANTITOXIN.
In the left sample, where ANTITOXIN was added,
we observe development of the red colour of the
complex between Se (Selenium) and membrane
lipids derived from the killed spores.
The right spore suspension remained intact.

Both these decontamination agents have ΝΑΤΟ Stock Numbers (NSN). So, with our own technology and in this field we ensure complete coverage of our Army and also the Security Forces, Civil Defense etc. against the chemical and biological war threat. At the same time the «complete set» against NBC War, of Hellenic technology, that is:

􀂉 mask,
􀂉 filter,
􀂉 suit and
􀂉 decontamination means, obtains great interest from foreign countries and great perspective for further exports.


Our company successfully produces also industrial masks and filters for full-face coverage with panoramic eyepiece, as well as for half face. For the products above ΒΙΑΝΑ uses the latest technologic developments and accomplishes and very high GAV (Greek Added Value), ensuring in this way new job positions.

Half-face mask with two “buttoned up” filters. Full-face mask with screwed on filter.



The section of rubber parts production includes NBC rubber parts (as NBC gloves etc) and industrial masks. Moreover, new products are developed to satisfy the customer’s requests and needs for any kind of technic- al rubber parts. The vulcanization quality is controlled by using the most up-to-date equipment, such as:

• Curemaster to assure constant vulcanization conditions in every batch,
• Link of the presses in a separate production net,
• On line control of the degree of vulcanization of every part, as well as
• SPC (Statistical Process Control) information provided to the customer on completion of the requested order.

Internal Mixer Mill for the production of the
rubber bach.
Contemporary rubber parts production

Due to the complete and productional equipment in rubber production and technical knowledge we develop projects as subcontractors with Know-How transfer from very serious companies, such as Tank pads and shock absorbers:

Tank pads
Shock absorbers Multiaxial dynamic elastomer-testing system

For the items that are produced on behalf of the customer before every delivery quality control tests precede in our laboratories as well as in laboratories abroad, for complete conformance to the agreed specifications:

Testing the degree of vulcanization of the rubber samples
at real time!
Friction test of rubber under simulating
conditions of tank tread.

Therefore, we are already producing on behalf of European companies gas masks, which are exported afterwards to various countries.


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