L. CURRICULUM VITAE OF Mr. A. ANARGYROU (the second generation)

The current orientation of the company basically reflects the efforts of its
Managing Director, Mr. Agis Anargyrou, whose curriculum vitae is presented

Studies and postgraduate studies

1958-1965: German School of Athens. Graduation and with the Ger man School Certificate (Abitur).

1966-1967: Special preparatory class in Zurich, for the entry exams of the Zurich Polytechnic School (ETH).

1967-1972: Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich (ETH)/ Chemistry Section.

Diplomatic study: Phosphorescence and fluorescence of vitamin K.

Meanwhile, he worked for a period of time (as a student) in research laboratories of ΜΟΝSANTO, in Zurich. During his studies he has also additionally attended several specialised seminars of the Polytechnic School in Crystallography (analysis of the crystal structure using X rays), Microbiology, Quantum Chemistry, Computer Science etc.

1973: Degree acknowledgement by Athens University.

1980: Seminar attention with subjects, such as:
- Breathing Protection Means, - Chemical Laboratory equipment for quality control of masks and filters, - Rubber processing, etc.
in Certification Institutes abroad.

1990: Attendance, through the General Army Staff, of graded seminar of NBC war at the Italian military research center "CRESAM".

1988: Representation of the HC (Handicraft Chamber) at a technical committee of the Greek organization of standardization for «Personal Protection Means».

1993-1995: Attendance of Seminars on computer software.

1995: Attendance of lessons for the estimation of economics’ concepts on the evaluation of an investment (such as estimation of « Break Even Point of Production», «Internal Rate of Return » etc.) for the preparation of our participation in a tender of the General Army Staff for the manufacturing of the Hellenic gas mask.

1995: New representation of HC (Handicraft Chamber) at a technical committee of the Greek organization of standardization for «Personal Protection Means».

1999: Attendance of postgraduate seminars on rubber technology, in Germany.

2001: International Seminar for the defensive research of the Western European States.

2003- 2005: Attendance of seminars in a European institute of rubber for rubber processing issues and novel technology elastomers, as well as ways for estimating their weariness and their ageing.

Military Service

1973-1975: Ranker Officer at the Ordnance Corps of the Hellenic Army. Professional career and company’s evolution

1975: Undertaking of the management of the family company ΒΙΑΝΑ S.A., specialised in the production of the Gas Mask and Filter production, position that occupies until today.

1985-1988: Completion of a self-financed program for the development of a Greek contemporary Mask and Filter of high technology for Chemical War. This Mask («COBRA» type) happens to be of universal recognition by the departmental press, which is referred to as the «Hellenic mask of chemical war».

1986: Achievement of manufacturing a military filter according to TL 4240-017 (German military specifications), by using plastic filter canister, to achieve better mechanical strength and incineration potential after its use.

1989-1990: Development of Laboratory for Quality Control of:

α. Rubber,
β. Masks and Filters of Chemical War.

1991: Certification of the NBC war mask COBRA and its filter by the General Army Staff.

1994: Responsible for a research program (concerning the production of activated carbon from olive stones and its use for atmospheric pollutants and toxic gases filters) conducted by the Hellenic National Program of Research and Technology (EPET I).

1995: Participation in an international research program conducted by EPET II.

1995: Foundation of the Training Centre of BIANA, fully equipped with training instruments, gas chamber, and outdoor testing shed, for the training of officers of the Armed Forces and Safety Technicians in subjects such as the measurement of toxic gases, breathing protection, artificial breathing and rescue.

1995: Co-operation with other Educational Institutes and foreign Universities, for programs of
continuing professional training.

1995: Quality assurance of BIANA S.A. according to AQAP 130 (similar to ISO 9003).

1995: Beginning of a subsidised program of a 4-year doctoral research, concerning the absorption of toxic substances by activated carbon produced by Greek raw materials (olive stones).

1996: Beginning of a subsidised program of a 4-year doctoral research, concerning the impregnation of activated carbon in inorganic solutions to increase its absorbing capacity by chemosorption.

1996: Beginning of educational seminars for University graduates about Safety in the Work Place in co-operation with Athens University.

1997: Acceptance of the Greek Army tender for supply of chemical war masks and filters, manufactured by BIANA S.A.

1997: Quality assurance of BIANA S.A. according to AQAP 110 (similar to ISO 9001).

2002: Quality assurance certification of BIANA S.A. according to ISO 9001:1994.

2004: Participation in a research program conducted by the Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology, in cooperation with the Athens University (Chemistry Department) and the National Institute of Physical Sciences Research Democritos, for the development of methods of impregnation and regeneration of activated carbon.

2004: Quality management certification of BIANA S.A. according to ISO 9001:2000.

2005: Participation in a research program, in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens, for the development of a new generation of sensors for the detection of chemical toxic substances.

2007: Certification of Cobra mask according to EN 136:1998.


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